In this powerful episode, Chris Shaw talks about navigating the mental health care system, teen suicide statistics, reluctant legislators, post COVID ...View Details

In this episode Bella  shares her passion for the scientific method as a powerful tool for creative problem-solving and product innovation.  She candi...View Details

In this episode Sue and Jody talk about the COVID impact on teen mental health, highlighting stressors, behaviors, delayed development, and how school...View Details

In this episode, Mike Montague, host of Playful Humans Podcast talks about how to reset and recharge ourselves through play in a stressed-out world. S...View Details

In this episode, find out how 3 arts high schools sustained their dynamic arts programs during Covid.  Get a behind-the-scenes view of how Matt, Rebec...View Details

In this episode, writer Natalie Zett talks about her discovery of a family link to a century-old tragedy and realized that dead is dead, unless it’s n...View Details

In this episode, Mick talks about his published works. He also touches on larger questions for writers—for example, how much of ourselves do we put in...View Details

In this episode Nancy talks about her work as author and illustrator and her journey through  her husband’s devastating illness. This is a story of ca...View Details

In this episode Joan candidly speaks about her work creating platforms, strategies and collaborations utilizing the power of art for authentic communi...View Details

In this episode Karen shares candid insights and stories about living in Calabria. As an Italian speaking “Americana,” she gives a remarkable and memo...View Details

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