In this episode Leaf speaks about the alchemy of trauma, storytelling and healing. “Being able to tell the story can be redemptive. "And...all of us experience harm and redemption doesn't come from the idea of escaping harm. It comes from the realization that we can heal it.”

Leaf Seligman is a storytelling changemaker, author, minister, Tedx speaker, educator, and restorative justice practitioner who seeks connection + meaning in the deeper truths of our need to be listened to and belong. 


Highlight Quotes:

"And I just want to say for anyone listening, when I say the word redemption, what that means to me is the definition you can find in a dictionary, which is freedom from detriment, which is to say freedom from harm. That's what I mean by redemption is freedom from harm. And not that we will be freed from ever experiencing it, but that we will be that we can heal from it, that we will not be possessed by the harm."

"So when we meet … people who don't have enough light, we can curse the darkness, or we can choose to cast some light their way. And then if I remember that it's only in an uncondemned state that anyone can change. I can invite others into a state or a process rather of accountability by not condemning them..” 

Books by Leaf Seligman:

From The Midway: Unfolding Stories of Redemption and Belonging

Opening The Window: Sabbath Meditations

A Pocket Book of Prompts

About Leaf Seligman:

Leaf Seligman Tedx Talk: How Stories help us choose connection


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